Saturday, 17 December 2011


*this feels so weird*
(its like performing for the first time. or when you are about to give a speech at a stage where everyone is looking. pffftttt. then i told myself, its only you...writing...and no one is reading em yet!
aiyo...and i have to admit, i have been actually start this first entry. ok, enough blabbling. lets get to the mainreasonwhyyouneedtostartblogging)

H E L L O you!
(btw it still feels weird saying hi as if someone else would read this blog *tutupmatawishbanyak2orangbacablogni*)

I am a baker, as in a person who loves to bake.
Due to a lot of requests, this blog is made so that i can share what i actually bake, and how are my cakes and cuppies (more products to come insyaAllah) can be ordered, pick up points, updates on new experiments, and a place to share my baking experience with my customers, and also to any blog readers who happens to come across this blog for the first time.
I am still new with this blogging thing, therefore, forgive me for the delay on the entries. And now that i have started, i will try my best to update this blog as frequent as i can.

More to come, I'll be back, so see you soon!


  1. Am your first reader!!!!

    Trust me u will be getting more readers and of course more clients babe...GOOD LUCK!!

  2. hi dear.. where r u from? if dekat sng nak order.. =)

  3. Hi Nisa! well, i bake in ampang..if you live near ampang, we can arrange some some ya! have a read at my "Orders & How To" if you are interested! Thanx!