Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Double Strawberry Summer Cake

It was strawberry madness week. And dearest friend's birthday was around the corner.
PERFECT. For another try-out.
(My friends are my guinea pigs and will always get my squinting eyes when they take the first bite. Haha. Kesian betul)
Yenyway, I went online, searching for some strawberry-ish recipes, and I came across to a few, shortcakes, crepes, cheesecakes etc etc. 
But I need something simple and fast, as I did not have much time to prepare and was tired from travelling the day before.
And...I decided on the one found on raspberricupcakes, and when I first read it, I didn't notice that it was the same recipe for strawberry summer cake! She add a lil twist to it by having it in 2 layers and had icing surrounding it. Easy peasy nay?

Inspired by Steph, I too put my own lil twist on it.

Just split the batter into 2, and bake em' in a 8inch cake tin. 
Spread the strawberries equally between the two tins, you don't have to arrange it nicely though, as it will be layered.

Filled it with some raspberry buttercream (yummmm).

And top it with the ever delish dark choc ganache.
Happy Birthday Mont.
(pic credit to Naim)

Click here for raspberricupcakes version.
Click here for the post on strawberry summer cake to get the recipe.

post #3 TWTUPKAMI and SOOQ

Heya yaaa!!
Sorry for the late update, here's what happened during TwtupKami @Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil on
9th June 2012.
New Cuppies:
Choc Chip with Dark Choc Ganache
Choc with Oreo Cream Cheese
Lemon Raspberry Buttercream
Lemon with Lemony Cream Cheese

Event highlight!!
We were so delighted and honored as Mr.Prime Minister had the chance to visit our booth! He took a bite of our red velvet! Funny story, the tester we had, took him a while to take the small pieces we cut, and yeah, moi got to experience the celebrity moment of having the cameraSS snapping click click click around me..heee..(let me have the limelight for a moment here altho i know they are taking Mr. Prime Minister's pictures).
And he said 'Sedap'!!! Weeee....

More pictures of the event.
We also brought people's favorite -Red Velvet in a Jar
Friends who came to support. There were more of them, but the camera just went missing when they were at our booth *wink*. Nevertheless, thank you Pai, Elyna, Paie, Danny, Sita, Leman and the rest who came! (Sorry if i missed out your name, but trust me, your support are my strenght :))
Crazy neighbours who just cant stop getting those Red Velvet in a Jar, lol. Also, Sheeda of Goddess Affair!

My pulse, my spine, my heart. These were the ones keeping me alive during the event! I owe you big time lovelovelove!

All of the above new flavored cuppies are available for orders! You can also have em as cakes.
Till then, toddles!


Friday, 8 June 2012

post #2 on TWTUPKAMI & SOOQ

Menu for tomorrow:

Red Velvet in a Jar & Cuppies
Choc Chip with Dark Choc Ganache
Vanilla Raspberry Buttercream
Lemon with Cream Cheese
Lemon Raspberry Buttercream
Choc with Oreo Cream Cheese

you wannnnnnnnnt???come over tomorrow!!!!
Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil
10 am - 10 pm
Free Entrance
with loadddsss of fun stuff waiting for ya!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#twtupkami & SOOQ Bazaar

Sweet Tooth?
Don't know what to do this weekend?
Wanna Shop?
Or just hang out?
If you said yes to any of the above, reserve your saturday and come on over to Bukit Jalil for the

We'll be there with the dearest (Mrs) SOOQ and family *wink*

They are working together with TWTUP to make the event the best ever!!
Wanna know what we're bringing over? heeee....wait for it and we'll let you know by Friday!
p/s: we're bringing new flavors...yummss!!

See you there!!!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


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