Monday, 19 December 2011

Orange Almond Cake with Dark Choc Ganache

Yeay! my 2nd entree!(i know i took so long..sorry)

FYI, I've been baking for couple years now, well, technically, the passion for baking started when me and Yong(the elder short sister) first made our biskut milo, a recipe inherited from our beloved arwah nenek, which i shall share with you the recipe soon (gotta go and dig the stainedwithmilo book). Despite the biskut being super DUPER hard like boleh benjol dahi kalau kena baling, its an ol' time family favourite!

But, I've been seriously baking, for almost 6 months now, and this was my latest experiment (as i like to try new recipes especially those by marthastewart), the ORANGE ALMOND CAKE adopted from martha with slight changes and with Ma's recipe of the divine dark choc ganache.

okay, I didn't have much pictures on the making of the cake, as my hands were all full of flour and I had few orders to complete that night, so taking the camera or my iPad to snap pictures would not help. But i have this picture, then end result before the batter goes into the pan.

i must say, before i fold in the egg whites, the batter was super thick and it was hard effort to stir it with a hand mixer. Oh i had to do this cake with my small mixer as the kitchen aid merajuk :(.

The cake took about 20-30 mins to cook, and i layered it with the ganache and some almond nibs and chunks.

3 layers and this is how it looks before covering it completely with the yummy ganache.

Didnt take a good picture of the complete view of the end product, but here's a blurry glimpse of it.

so there you go, orange almod cake with dark choc ganache! Although i didnt manage to have a taste of it, but the feedback was really good, alhamdullilah. Seems like the taste compliments each other, orange n choc with some nutty elements.

Till then!

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