Thursday, 5 April 2012

1st Bazaar with SOOQ @Rasta TTDI

We were at Rasta TTDI for SOOQ-
Yay Bazaar on Saturday 25th February 2012, our first bazaar in the historyofmankind. lol.
What happened at the bazaar:

(I was more excited with buying the flowers, printing pretty things than concentrating baking items to be sold. heehee)

Full setup.

Deco. Flowers, Cake-Magic by Kate Shirazi was given my Yong as birthday gift!, Puss in Boots, All DIY.

Red Velvet in a Jar

Choc Moist cuppies with Dark Choc Ganache

Top: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese and Oreo Crunch, Choc Moist with Dark Choc Ganache.
Bottom: Lemon Butter with Lemony Whip and Marshmellow Love.

Nabilah of SOOQ. Thanx doll!

Part of lovely supporters + awesome promoters + dearest dearest friends,
Thank you so much for coming although it was blazing hot that day. Love you guys to bits!

We managed to sell everything! HOORAY! Thank you SOOQ! Let us know when is the next bazaar ;)


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