Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Trouble Topple

What happened last night:
I was holding the bag where a box of cupcakes was inside the bag.
Came back home after baking (I do not bake at home, the place where I bake is at a friend's), happy coz I managed to finish baking quite early, was almost 11 when I got myself inside the house, put the bag with cupcakes in it on the dining table, went to unlock my room, put my handbag down, went back out to put the cupcakes inside the fridge, AND......

YES. NO. NO. NO!!!!!
Half of the cupcakes toppled, with 1 or 2 went upside down.
Heart breaks, tears started to form.
I literally stand still with my mouth wide open for 15 seconds. My mind was spinning, thinking of ways to fix this. One of it, drive back to the baking place, and refrost the cupcakes, no early night for me.

Sigh, its a test from Him. I told my self. YOU CAN HANDLE THIS!
haha..drama drama..

Then slowly, calmly, I pick up the box, took out the cupcakes one by one, and then found out, only 3-4 need major fixing, the rest, it aint that bad. So, cancel the plan to go back and refrost the cakes. Fuhhhh.
In the end, managed to fix everything, and it all look 'okay' and cannn la...not so bad.

Moral of the story, be positive! dont freak out when things beyond your control happened, analyze and look at the damage first. If not, your blood will go upstairs, and it'll just ruin your day.
Be calm and fix the problem. Jangan menggelabah ok!


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